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For Membership Enquiries please visit the membership page

For matters regarding welfare or child protection please contact

The Board of Directors
As with all companies, the club is headed by a board of directors, who are accountable for long term strategy, and ensuring that the club operates in accordance with our status as a Community Amateur Sports Club with HMRC. 

The Directors of the club are:

  • Anthony Childs
  • Matt Lythell
  • Karen Mears
  • Margaret Nelson
  • Marilyn Parsons
  • Keith Robey
  • Sanjay Sakaria

The Management Committee
The Management Committee is accountable to the Board of Directors for the day to day running of the club.  Most of the Management Committee members are also directors of the club. 

The Management Committee comprises:

  • President: Margaret Nelson
  • Chairman: Keith Robey
  • Treasurer: Karen Mears
  • Secretary: Vicky Good
  • Welfare Officer, Child Protection Officer & Membership Secretary: Marilyn Parsons
  • Tony Childs
  • Matt Lythell
  • Sanjay Sakaria
  • Susanna Harrison
  • Tom Foster
  • Geogre Dollner